Severe Holiday Shipping Delays

have caused us to delay opening our site right now. While Designs by Linda Nee is still producing your personalized gifts on schedule from our Etsy shops, most orders shipping within a week; record high shipping numbers in combination with a reduced carrier work force due to COVID, have caused all carriers to run behind schedule this holiday season. Rather than add to the confusion, we'll wait.
You can still order from our Etsy Mug Shop and our Etsy Sign Shop.

Dec. 15th ~ We have been working with the USPS to get tracking information and updates on packages. We couldn’t understand why we were sending packages out the door on 12/2/20 and not receiving the usual detailed tracking information even by 12/13/20 only to have the package delivered across the country hours later. It just didn’t make sense. We have now been informed that while packages should get scanned at each ‘stop’ along the delivery pipeline they often get moved along without scanning in high traffic periods. This holiday season’s traffic is “historically high,” unfortunately COVID also means that all carriers including the post office are working with a reduced staff so deliveries are slower than ever. For instance, we've learned that 78 tractor trailers full of packages awaiting the sort process sat for over a week in one New Hampshire hub alone. USPS is rerouting as many of these units to areas with more staffing as soon as they can – which explains why you may suddenly see your package go from NH to Maine in order to get it to California asap. Your neighbor could order a gift the day after you and get it as scheduled while you wait for days.