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Samuel 2022 Fox with snow-scene background
Robert's first christmas 2020 Baby deer with face mask
Jessica Ann 2020 Penguin W/Snowflakes
Jeffrey 2022 Beaver with sweater and santa hat Customizable Ornament
Ashley's First Christmas 2020 Kowala Customizable Ornament
Custom can't fix it we're all screwed Personalized Ornament
Samantha's First Christmas 2022 Baby Zebra 1st Christmas Ornament
Ashley's First Christmas 2022 Baby Fox in Front of Tree 1st Christmas Ornament
Baby Bunny with Teal Bow 1st Christmas Ornament
Grace Ann 2020 Baby Elephant Head Personalized Ornament
Baby Elephant on The Moon Amanda's 1st Christmas Ornament
Tommy 2020 Baby Reindeer Wrapped in Lights Personalized Ornament
Jacob 2020 Crowned Elephant with Blue Personalized Banner Ornament
Grace ann's First Christmas 2020 Baby Elephant Head 1st Christmas Ornament
Red Star Biplane Airplane Ornament
Lyndsey 2020 Unicorn on Swag Personalized Ornament
James Christmas 2019 Baby Bear with Shorts Personalized Ornament
David 2020 Purple Baby Dragon with Santa Hat Personalized Ornament
Christian 2020 Red Baby Dragon with Santa Hat Personalized Ornament
James 2020 Baby Dragon with Santa Hat Personalized Ornament

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